Body Image Disturbance: A Survey of Public Opinion

LEESBURG, Fla. (June 23, 2013) In an effort to continually develop an understanding of the issue of Body Image Disturbance and society’s responses to it, it is often necessary to explore the many different facets of information and conversation on the topic. Over the last two weeks, the existing online conversation of the public and the research of academia were examined. As a third piece of the research puzzle, it is imperative to allow those who may normally feel that they don’t have a voice on the subject a chance to share their opinions and become a part of the discussion.

News organizations and businesses often use polls, which may contain only one question, in an effort to source crowd opinion. While polls are a great, short, time-efficient manner to get a snapshot of the public’s view, surveys provide the audience an opportunity to explore what they truly know and how they feel about a particular topic. The below included survey explores the information that has been provided over the last two weeks on the topic of Body Image Disturbance- particularly the scientific research discussed last week. Please review last weeks’ discussion and respond open and honestly to the following questions:

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Whether or not someone is affected directly by a topic, such as the issue of Body Image Disturbance and the disturbing trend of eating disorders, providing their personal views and insights can be invaluable to a researcher when determining the best way to reach an audience. So even when you think you have nothing worthwhile to contribute to the topic, your response in itself is incredibly valuable.

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