Making a Difference One Rack at a Time: The Pink Rack Project at Leesburg Bike Fest

LEESBURG, Fla. (April 26-28, 2013) The population of the small town of Leesburg multiplied 10 fold as approximately 250,000 bikers and 250 vendors from throughout the country converged in the downtown sector of Leesburg for the 17th Annual Bike Fest . Despite the rumblings of motorcycles that could be heard as far away as neighboring towns, organizations such as the Pink Rack Project were able to successfully share their message of caring, as well as their unique fashions, with hundreds of thousands of visitors.

With over 75 concerts, live tattooing, mechanical bull riding, four hot body contests, and hundreds of food and clothing vendors to shop from, the normally small and sleepy historic district of Leesburg was roaring with excitement from sun up to well into the night all weekend long. Motorcycles of all makes and models, shapes and sizes, and with a wide spectrum of customizations could be seen- along with both male and female riders of different ages, races, shapes and sizes. The fashions were just as varied as the motorcycles and their riders but overall you could spot the reoccurring theme- leather, tattoos, and a powerful motorcycle.

 All photos by Michelle Turner


Despite all the noise and eclectic outfits, one fashion that stood out among the rest was a new brand of t-shirts, tank tops, bracelets and earrings sporting the clever “I Love My Rack” and “I Love Her Rack” play on words in an effort to raise a unique kind of support for those battling breast cancer. In an age where the majority of funds raised by awareness groups is donated to research for the cause, The Pink Rack Project has chosen a different recipient for their funds- the patient.


The Pink Rack Project seeks out women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and may be struggling to pay their medical and/or living expenses. The Project uses funds that they have raised from the sale of their fashions to help these women cope with the financial challenges that comes with battling breast cancer. According to Vice-President Gahan, the company prides them on being able to put a name and a face to the funds they are raising. That concept, along with the clever play on words logo accompanied by deer antlers, or “rack”, has catapulted what started as a small fundraiser well beyond what the founders had even imagined. The Pink Rack Project is currently in seven retailers and has eighteen more in the works- possibly including one of the largest outdoor sporting retailers in the country- Gander Mountain.

The Pink Rack Project from Michelle Turner on Vimeo.

Although the town of Leesburg is quiet once again, the motorcycles have disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared, and the countdown has begun towards the 18th Annual Bike Fest next April, the efforts of the Pink Rack Project will remain in the hearts and closets of those they met that weekend.



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