Individuality in a Locket: Origami Owl Jewelry Line

The Meiguogirl brand stems from my time in China where individuality celebrated rather than criticized. People are not afraid to wear something ‘different’ or stand out from the crowd. This is a value that, as a writer and budding fashion designer, I celebrate as well. I believe every woman should want to stand out from the crowd and should not feel she has to follow any trends or fashion norms.

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Origami Owl logo (Photo: via

In an effort to do this, I believe in sharing with my readers any product that encompasses these ideals. Origami Owl Custom Jewelry does just that.Origami Owl is a young company started by a 14-year-old girl named Bella whose only goal at the time was to earn money to buy a car by the time she turned 16 years old. Now, it has grown to be much, much more. Origami Owl Custom Jewelry gives their customers the opportunity to create jewelry that is LITERALLY one of a kind.

5 steps to creating your own Origami Owl locket via

5 steps to creating your own Origami Owl locket (Photo: via

Origami Owl offers a line of gold and silver lockets that are anything but your grandmother’s locket. These lockets are fully customizable with an array of charms, accents, plates, and tags/dangles that ensure your locket is like no other. As you browse the locket choices, the selection of charms, and of course the available tags and plates, one can’t help but appreciate the uniqueness of this jewelry line and just how personal it immediately becomes.

You can honor your past. You can celebrate your present. You can hope for your future. You can embrace your subtle nature. You can be loud and proud. You can inspire yourself. You can inspire others. Rather than wearing your heart on your sleeve, with Origami Owl you can wear your hopes, dreams, and passion around your neck for the whole world to see.


A variety of Origami Owl Lockets (Photo: via

A variety of Origami Owl Lockets (Photo: via

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