These Are My Confessions

As mentioned yesterday, National Novel Writing Month starts November 1st and will challenge writers throughout the world to write 50,000 words in 30 days. In an effort to get my “creative juices” flowing, I will be posting a series of NANO and writing related posts. Today, I am sharing ten writing related confessions.


1)   No matter how many compliments I receive on my writing, I am still my own worst critic and am shy about sharing what I write.

2)   I always wonder if my Mamma and the rest of my family say my writing is good because it is, or just because they are my family.

3)   When someone does criticize or says my work is less than perfect, I feel like someone has just criticized my child.

4)   As much as I love to write, I struggle with sitting down and doing it without a deadline looming.

5)   Although the common phrase is “write what you know”, I feel limited to just that.

6)   I wonder if I have the “creative chops” to create and write something that I haven’t actually lived myself -in at least one form or another.

7)   Even though I have studied non-fiction journalism writing, creative writing has this mysterious allure I can’t seem to shake.

8)   I’ve lived in my fantasy romance world for so long, I often wonder if that will keep me finding true, real love.

9)   James Joyce is one of my literary heroes. I wish I could do his whole stream of consciousness thing.

10)  I am still trying to figure out how to get paid for my writing with the fewest number of people actually seeing it.

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