Chris Turner Inspires Fans to Remain True to Self

FLORENCE, Ala. (June 6, 2014) – Days before the release of his latest single “Take You Out” former Marine and country musician Chris Turner prepared to take the stage at the Sweetwater Depot in Florence, Alabama. What the awaiting crowd may be surprised to know is that, while Turner’s touring is currently focused primarily in the south near his South Carolina origins, his musical journey actually began a world away in Okinawa, Japan.

chris turner 2While Turner has always been passionate about music and has influences dating back to the 50’s sounds of Memphis such early Elvis, classic Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee, it wasn’t until he bought his first guitar in Okinawa, Japan and began a combination of self-teachings and lessons from a fellow Marine that he began on his path of a touring country musician.

That path took the Marine who grew up in the small town of Ninety Six, SC – a town with two red lights, Hardees, and a Piggly Wiggly- to Nashville in 2010. Since that journey in 2010, Turner has been able to transform his time in Nashville into two albums and an EP that will lead to a third album. He has also spent a significant amount of time on the road performing- time that has helped him find his audience, as well as his artistic and stylistic identity.

In many ways, his latest single, “Take You Out” is the culmination of that hard work. “I am very proud of the lead off single ‘Take You Out’. With the help of my producer Dave Demay, we were able to put our heads together and put the sound together that I have been hearing for so long. Not only am I proud of the way the track turned out, but I am proud of the song because I am a co-writer of the song as well (along with Ken Buono and Kyle Nightingale),” explained Turner.

Take You Out Album Cover

Turner then shared the inspiration behind the song, which he explained is, “the mid 20’s ‘Average Joe good ole boy’. I can’t tell you how many times I have been out with some of my buddies having a few drinks as my buddies eyeball the attractive waitress slinging those drinks, and never have the courage to talk to her because of inhibitions or feeling they aren’t good enough. Well, in this song, my cowriters and I made that possible.”

Turner continued, “The song came about while we were eating at Waffle House one night after a gig. This guy struts in with a camo hat, high water blue jeans, shirt tucked in, a scanner radio clipped on his belt, and a wallet with a chain. As he walked in and sat in a corner booth, two beautiful girls that looked like they just walked out of a magazine walked in and sat down in the booth right beside him. I looked at Ken (Buono), he looked at me, we agreed that we had to write that, and so the song was born.”

The song itself is as fun and laidback as its humble beginnings that night at the Waffle House. The star of the song is confident in who he is, where he is from, what he likes, and that is precisely what Turner wants the listener to take away from “Take You Out.” Being proud of oneself, and having the courage to go after what you want, is the message he hopes his fans get from the playful tune. So, “whether you want to be an astronaut, lawyer, farmer, or country music artist, if you stay true to who you are, you can’t lose.”


chris turner 16 copyStaying true to oneself is not just something Turner writes in his lyrics, but is something that is clearly evident in his modern musical inspirations, as well as his recent accomplishments of opening for a Darryl Worley show and closing for Will Champlin earlier this year (third place finalist on the fifth season of the “The Voice”)- two artists that remain true to themselves musically.

So, whether Turner is drawing inspiration from the uniqueness of lyrics from songwriters like Eric Church, appreciating the story telling ability of King George, valuing the entertainer aspects of country music from the trail blazed by Garth Brooks, or courageously blazing his own path musically as he takes the stage each night, it is clear that Turner remains semper fidelis to his country roots, his love of country music, his fans and most of all, himself.

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