A Little About the (Nanowrimo) Writer in Me

As mentioned on Sunday and Monday of this week, National Novel Writing Month is set to kick off this Friday, November 1st. Currently, almost 170,000 people from across the globe have signed up to compete in what has been deemed “The Month of Literary Abandon.” You forsake grammar, editing, and other literary constraints in an effort to get 50,000 words down on paper.  National Novel Writing Month, or NANO, helps writers like me, who are often plagued by Adult ADD and procrastination, to simply “put a butt in a chair and write.” For someone who really and truly enjoys writing, why would I need to torture myself with 1,667 words per day deadlines to write?

If you are interested in some insight into the “professional me”, you are welcome to visit my About Me Page. This is the more personal, insightful bio behind yesterday’s writing confessions. Here is a little ‘bout the writer in me….

While I joking mention Adult ADD, part of me truly feels that I may have such a condition since I have always needed a deadline to be successful. Whether it was for a school paper in middle or high school, or more recently, my articles for my journalism post-graduate degree, I have always felt that I have written better under pressure. However, others believe it’s a less “clinical” condition and assert that I simply over think too much when left with too much time on my hands- that, by working down to the wire, I just go with what comes naturally. Somewhere between education and natural talent, a successful finished product seems to be born. Maybe it’s one. Maybe it’s the other. Or, maybe it’s a combination of all of the above. Either way, I seem to find a way to get it done. So, that brings me back to National Novel Writing Month, or NANO.

I first found out about NANO in 2010, but didn’t put much effort into it as I was overseas at the time and was overwhelmed with culture and responsibility. However, in 2011, I went full-steam ahead and came out victorious. I reached the 50,000 word mark in the 30 day time frame. It was a pretty awesome feeling. Since then, I have graduated Salutatorian of my New Media Journalism Master of Arts class last month and have established a pretty strong portfolio of non-fiction journalistic work on my site. So, while I have a strong foundation in non-fiction short article writing, I still dabble in poetry and take on challenges such as NANO. Maybe one day, I will go back to school for creative writing. Or, maybe one day I will be brave enough to put one of my NANO novels out there for the public to read it and hang on tight for whatever feedback comes my way. Regardless of what the big picture may or may not hold for me, I know that as of Friday, the month of November holds 50,000 words of literary abandon.

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